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Bringing Your Portrait to Life

How are you making your school district’s Portrait of a Graduate a reality for every student? To bring the vision to life, the entire system must be aligned and educators must be empowered and supported. Battelle for Kids helps bring the Portrait to Practice through impactful professional learning and actionable tools and resources.

Our ongoing collaboration with school district leaders drives our research, innovation, and design work. Our team is always listening to education leaders to inform the design of meaningful professional learning and relevant resources that are responsive to their needs.

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Your North Star for System Transformation

The first step in transforming your school system is establishing a shared vision of future-ready, deeper learning for every student – your Portrait of a Graduate.

Locally developed and globally positioned, a school system’s Portrait of a Graduate is developed with the community to identify the skills, dispositions, and competencies students need for success in this rapidly changing, complex world.

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Collaborating with Districts on Portrait to Practice

Empower and Support Your School Leaders and Educators

Any district with a Portrait of a Graduate eventually must answer a key question: how will our vision become a reality for every student? 

Battelle for Kids partners with leaders to co-create solutions that address this challenge and meet the unique needs of their district. There’s no one right way to implement a Portrait, so we listen intently and develop a deep understanding of what a leader is facing and how we can help bring their Portrait to life.

How We Help

Plan Your Transformation Journey

We help district leaders develop a shared understanding of what it takes to implement a vision for system transformation, identifying potential on-ramps, detours, and roadblocks along their journey. Teams develop an action plan – their road map – to bring their Portrait of a Graduate to life.

Build Capacity for School Leaders

We provide professional learning experiences for school leaders and those responsible for supporting principals. The goal is to develop a shared understanding of the knowledge and skills necessary to lead the implementation of Portrait of a Graduate durable skills in their schools.

Reimagine Learning and Teaching

Through practice, reflection, collaboration, and iteration, district teams explore the design and facilitation of deeper learning experiences aligned to their Portrait of a Graduate.

Empower Educators to Assess Deeper Learning

We equip and empower educators to assess durable skills and Portrait competencies through a blend of flexible, self-paced online courses and interactive, virtual sessions.

Discover and Amplify Learning Experiences

We can help shine a light on the deeper learning experiences happening in your school district. Using protocols that empower teacher voice and engagement, this repeatable process is customized to correspond with competencies defined in a district’s Portrait of a Graduate.

Develop Authentic Student Engagement

Our student engagement tool is designed to elevate student voice to support teacher reflection and practice around the themes of hope, engagement, and belonging in future-ready learning experiences.

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Catherine Truitt, State Superintendent

North Carolina Department of Public Instruction
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“While the Portrait itself drives alignment between workforce needs and student preparation, it is our educators who help expose students to the real-world competencies during their K-12 journey that truly prepare them for life after graduation.”

Portrait to Practice Stories

North Carolina Department of Public Instruction
Portrait of a Graduate classroom-ready resources for educators
Howard-Suamico School District
Giving students ownership in their learning experiences
Columbus City Schools
Ensuring the Portrait of a Graduate is accessible to all learners

Portrait to Practice Expo

Each year at the EdLeader21 Annual Event, network member districts have the opportunity to showcase the impactful initiatives they are implementing to turn their Portrait of a Graduate vision into reality. Innovative stories and artifacts illustrate how members are putting their Portraits into practice and the impact it has on student learning.

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