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Columbus City Schools: Ensuring the Portrait of a Graduate is accessible to all learners

September 27, 2023
“This work is a testament to our belief in an inclusive education that uplifts every student, regardless of their background. It’s about empowerment, equity, and fostering a future where every learner will thrive.”

Angela Chapman, Ed.D. | Superintendent

When Columbus City Schools was ready to launch its Portrait of a Graduate, it was important that all stakeholders were able to easily access and understand the attributes and what they meant for students. This included the district’s youngest learners. The original attribute descriptions were “translated” into simpler language that elementary students could more readily comprehend. 

The district designed “kid-friendly” posters in multiple languages to scale the accessibility even further, so students walking the halls could read them in their family’s native language.

About the District
Columbus City Schools (CCS), established in 1845, is the state of Ohio’s largest school district, serving the needs of 46,000 students in 113 schools in the capital city.

Columbus City Schools serves a diverse student population within the vibrant Columbus community of nearly one million people. Within the approximately 30,000 households of students, 95 languages are spoken by families from 104 countries. The top non-English languages spoken by the families CCS serves are Spanish, Somali, Nepali, Arabic, and French.

The district’s mission is that each student is highly educated, prepared for leadership and service, and empowered for success as a citizen in a global community.