A Collaborative, Unifying Community Conversation

Step into a world of dynamic and interactive community engagement with FuturesCoLab. Designed to foster compelling dialogues about the evolving education landscape and its impact on educational systems and students, FuturesCoLab is a resource for meaningful conversations and to rally the community around your school district’s vision for every student. 

The experience is designed to empower varied groups within your community to forge a united vision, shared commitments, and a collective drive toward providing every student with goals, pathways, and agency to set them up for success. 

Let’s Talk Engagement

For Every Stage of Your Journey

No matter where your community stands in the journey of crafting or realizing its collective aspirations, FuturesCoLab provides a meaningful way to energize and engage around the Portrait of a Graduate.


For Momentum

If your school district has a Portrait of a Graduate: FuturesCoLab is a great way to support district leaders in fostering momentum, onboarding new staff, and helping your parents and community members understand how education is changing to prepare students to thrive in our rapidly changing world. 


To Amplify

If your district is in the process of developing a Portrait of a Graduate: FuturesCoLab is an efficient way to amplify your design experience to deepen the understanding and commitment to the why of the Portrait and to prepare district leaders, staff, the Board of Education, and others in sharing your Portrait of a Graduate to the broader community.  


A Catalyst

If your district is considering a Portrait of a Graduate: FuturesCoLab is a catalyst to start community conversations around how rapidly our world is changing and why school systems must change with it. It sets the stage for developing a shared vision around your community’s hopes, dreams, and aspirations for all students. 

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What is FuturesCoLab?


A Powerful Tool for Community Engagement
  • Unifies and builds community ownership
  • Cultivates ambassadors
  • Generates positive, aspirational momentum
  • Establishes shared understanding for the “why” of district transformation
  • Connects vision to practical actions
Address District Transformation Needs
  • Build shared understanding of why district transformation is urgently needed
  • Establish broad and deep understanding of the what (district vision/Portrait of a Graduate) 
  • Generate community commitment for a future focused system
A Unique Approach
  • Leverages groundbreaking research on the evolving world
  • Facilitates powerful dialogue about implications for the future of the school system
  • Provides a flexible, unifying platform for community engagement
  • Can be customized for local contexts
Who Benefits?
  • District teams preparing to implement their Portrait of a Graduate district-wide
  • District teams that do not yet have a compelling vision for deeper learning/Portrait of a Graduate
  • District teams seeking to energize the broader community around the Portrait of a Graduate
  • Ultimately, the community at large and, most importantly, students

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