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There is no shortage of grant funding available for education programs from a wide variety of sources, be it federal or state offerings or private foundations. However, securing these grant funds for your organization can be challenging due to strong competition and limited time and resources. 

Battelle for Kids can help. Our experienced Grants Services team offers a wide range of support from pursuit to award.

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An Experienced, Successful Grants Team

The Battelle for Kids Grant Services team has nearly four decades of grantsmanship experience at the foundation, state, and federal levels. Our team has partnered with teachers, administrators, districts, and state educational agencies to secure and manage more than half a billion dollars in grant funding. 

We offer a wide range of support during the pursuit and after the award, including grant proposal, evaluation, management, and sustainability, as well as thought partnership and development for programmatic grants.

Five Tips to a Successful Grant Proposal

Securing grant funds can be challenging due to strong competition. It’s imperative that your grant proposal stand out above the rest, which requires a keen eye for details and a thorough understanding of all facets of the grant application process. The BFK Grant Services team has shared its tips to writing a winning grant proposal.

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How We Help

Grant Proposal

Tailored to your unique goals, our grant proposal service involves crafting compelling, detailed proposals that effectively communicate your project’s vision, objectives, and impact. We focus on clarity, feasibility, and alignment with grantor priorities to maximize your chances of success.

Grant Evaluation

Our grant evaluation service provides a thorough assessment of your grant-related activities. We analyze outcomes, measure impact, and offer insights on performance, ensuring that your initiatives are on track and delivering the intended results.

Grant Management

Efficient and proactive, our grant management service oversees the entire lifecycle of your grant. From administrative tasks to compliance, reporting, and financial management, we ensure seamless operation and adherence to grantor guidelines.

Grant Sustainability

Ensuring long-term success, our grant sustainability service focuses on developing strategies that extend the impact and lifespan of your grant-funded projects. We help identify future funding opportunities and create plans for ongoing support and growth.

Grant Writing Workshops

Our interactive grant writing workshops are designed to empower your team with the skills and knowledge needed to write successful grant proposals. Covering everything from research to writing techniques, these workshops are invaluable for building in-house expertise.

Partner Management

Our partner management service ensures that collaborations and partnerships within your grant-funded projects are effective and harmonious. We focus on communication, coordination, and conflict resolution to maintain strong, productive relationships with all stakeholders.

Programmatic Grants

Specializing in programmatic grants, we assist in securing funds for specific programs or projects. Our approach involves a deep understanding of your program’s needs and a strategic alignment with the goals of potential funders.

Thought Partnership

As your thought partners, we collaborate closely to refine your ideas and strategies for grant acquisition. This service involves brainstorming, providing critical feedback, and exploring innovative approaches to enhance your grant-related endeavors.

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