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Motivate & Inspire Through the Power of Storytelling

Whether your school district is just beginning the Portrait of a Graduate process, prepping to launch it to your various stakeholders, or looking to build momentum around the Portrait to practice, communication with internal and external audiences is critical to bring the vision to life. More importantly, storytelling should be central to your communications work in system transformation, as it can be effective to teach, inspire, influence, and transform.

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The Value of Communications 

School district leaders who have worked with Battelle for Kids consistently identify communications as a critical area of focus in system transformation. It is essential to raise awareness of your district’s locally developed vision — the Portrait of a Graduate — and bring it to life in your classrooms, your school buildings, and your community.

Our experienced Marketing & Communications team can help. We work exclusively with districts that are partnered with Battelle for Kids. Our team can support existing district communication leads and staff or provide more comprehensive project-based services to those districts without full-time or part-time communications staffing.

How We Help

Brand Design Services
  • Comprehensive Brand Development Facilitation
  • Visual Identity Development
  • Brand Research & Audit
  • Brand Messaging
  • Brand Launch Plan
  • Standalone Graphic Design Services
Communication Services
  • Portrait of a Graduate & Strategic Planning Communications Focus
  • Strategic Communications Plans
  • Coaching & Consulting
  • Special Projects Management (Podcasting; Video Treatments, Script Writing, and Producing; Website Audit; and More)


Communication Toolkits
  • Portrait of a Graduate Communications Toolkit
  • Strategic Planning Communications Toolkit
  • Human Capital Communications Toolkit
  • School Improvement Communications Toolkit
The Science of Storytelling

Brain science has proven that stories act as powerful tools for making sense of complex ideas and for changing behaviors. To facilitate this, Battelle for Kids has developed a framework that embraces the science of story, enables the crafting of a succinct narrative around this endeavor, and fosters a culture of strategic storytelling within your district. This culture, in turn, can be the driving force behind ongoing transformation.

We can deliver our work around The Science of Storytelling in the following ways:

  • Presentation
  • Workshop
  • Professional Learning Series
  • Customized Consulting


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