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Customized School Improvement Support

Project Ignite, powered by Battelle for Kids, provides customized support to school teams seeking to strengthen their capacity for improvement. Project Ignite includes on-site coaching, evidence-based resources, professional learning, and a statewide network to advance student success.

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Customized, On-Site Coaching

Every Project Ignite coach is an Ohio-based educator with school leadership experience. Your coach will co-create a plan alongside your BLT and provide on-site coaching that accommodates your school schedule and aligns with your improvement goals.

Access to Tools, Resources, and Training

Project Ignite schools have access to Battelle for Kids’ evidence-based tools, resources, and training to support their improvement efforts. School leaders from across the country use these assets to:


Address students’ mental health and well-being


Align, find, grow, and keep top talent


Design and assess deeper learning


Engage students, teachers, and the school community

Vibrant Statewide Network

Project Ignite is not just another improvement process. It is a vibrant professional learning network where educators collaborate and cultivate a community of practice to accelerate equitable learning outcomes for every student. Members enjoy in-person events featuring local and national experts and job-alike sessions.

Solutions From Within

7 Insights To Ignite Positive Change in Schools

Educators from coast to coast have long understood the critical nature of school culture and climate. A positive school culture can serve as a catalyst for student success and well-being and teacher satisfaction.

Based on real-life examples of the schools they serve, read about seven key insights from the Project Ignite team to drive impactful change in school culture.

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Measurable, Sustainable Impacts

Project Ignite has grown to support 75 schools, serving more than 35,000 students across 45 districts.

Of schools that participated in Project Ignite in 2022-2023: 

70% demonstrated an increase in their Performance Index score on the 2023 Ohio state report card.
60% moved out of school improvement status for the 2023-2024 school year.
90% chose to return for a continued partnership with Project Ignite.

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