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At Battelle for Kids, we collaborate with innovative education leaders to ensure all students have access to experiences that will prepare them to be lifelong learners and contributors in an ever-changing world.
To accomplish this goal, we must transform the whole system. This work is not for the faint of heart. Fundamentally transforming a deeply entrenched system requires intentionality and the focused attention of all leaders in the school district.

Among the many services listed below, one key way we support innovative educational leaders is through a visioning and strategic process that focuses on a nested educational system, defining each district’s Portrait of a Graduate, Portrait of a System, and Portrait of an Educator. Learn more.

We offer strategic counsel and implementation support in the following areas: 

Portrait of a Graduate

Are your students well prepared to contribute and compete in this global, innovative economy?

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Strategic Planning

Are you looking to implement a plan that ensures the district’s Portrait of a Graduate becomes a reality for every student in the system?

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21st Century Learning and Assessment Design

How are you designing 21st century educational experiences that lead to deeper learning for all students?

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Human Capital Management Systems

Are you prepared to recruit, grow, and retain top talent?

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Communication and Engagement

You know communicating with internal and external stakeholders is important—but where do you begin, and what messages matter most?

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Data Quality and Coaching

How are you measuring the impact of the system in preparing graduates as lifelong learners and contributors in the 21st century?

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Visionary Leader Networks

Are you interested in learning with and from other innovative education leaders?

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