Visionary Leadership

From Vision to Action, We Can Help

At Battelle for Kids, we support visionary leaders to transform education and drive student success.

This begins with establishing the community’s vision for every student. By creating a North Star for system transformation—the Portrait of a Graduate—the community collectively identifies the skills, dispositions, and competencies students need in this rapidly changing and increasingly complex world.

From there, we partner with school districts to determine the strategies necessary to bring their vision to life. We help with this important work in various ways:

Strategic Planning Portrait to Practice People & Culture Student Voice Community Engagement

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Creating the Vision

Portrait of a Graduate

The first step in transforming your school system is establishing a shared vision of future-ready, deeper learning for every student – your Portrait of a Graduate.

Locally developed and globally positioned, a school system’s Portrait of a Graduate is developed with the community to identify the skills, dispositions, and competencies students need for success in this rapidly changing, complex world.

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Strategic Planning

Battelle for Kids is proud to have supported districts from across the country in developing and designing their strategic plans. For enduring transformation, all aspects of the system – including the strategic plan – must be aligned and anchored in the district’s vision, the Portrait of a Graduate. We have helped education leaders engage their communities and identify the big moves that will bring their vision to life.

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Portrait to Practice

How are you making your school district’s Portrait of a Graduate a reality for every student? To bring the vision to life, the entire system must be aligned and educators must be empowered and supported. Battelle for Kids helps bring the Portrait to Practice through impactful professional learning and actionable tools and resources.

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Community Engagement

Our FuturesCoLab experience is designed to foster compelling dialogues about the evolving education landscape and its impact on school districts and students. We help facilitate meaningful conversations that rally the community around your school district’s vision for every student.

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People & Culture

People are the most important part of your system. So how are you reimagining human capital in the 21st century? Battelle for Kids’ People & Culture services is an innovative suite of offerings that provides the tools you need to move your people systems forward. Our People & Culture work is focused on meeting the comprehensive people system needs of school districts across the country.

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Student Voice

Now – more than ever – hope, engagement, and belonging in future-ready, deeper learning matters! Listening to student voice is essential to empower them to take ownership of their learning and become active agents in the educational process. And when educators have the tools to engage their students and respond, they can make a powerful impact.

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