Our strategic planning process is anchored by each school district’s Portrait of a Graduate, a locally developed and globally positioned vision that articulates your community’s aspirations for all students.

Our entire strategic planning process involves the ongoing engagement of a representative Design Team. This team will ensure your strategic plan is informed by diverse perspectives, is responsive to student needs, and inspires both ownership and action.


Our process is…

  • Anchored in the local Portrait of a Graduate.
  • Geared to establish a bold vision that has enduring impact.
  • Centered on authentic stakeholder engagement.
  • Designed to elevate student and educator voice.
  • Based on a systems approach that drives equitable 21st century learning.
  • Informed by leading education research, combined with analysis of local and regional ecosystems.
  • Bolstered with engaging communications support.
  • Facilitated by an experienced team with hands-on expertise in education leadership, community engagement, and strategic planning.


    Please email Jeff at to learn how we can help your school system develop and execute a strategic plan.

“The strategic planning process helped us narrow our focus on a series of deliverable goals that strengthen our core beliefs and ensure our students graduate with the skills they need to succeed, no matter which path they choose to pursue.”
—Dr. Kathy Rollo, Superintendent, Lubbock Independent School District (TX)