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Strategic Plan Aligns with Whole Child Approach at Lubbock Schools

August 8, 2022

Lubbock Independent School District, TX
58 schools, serving 27,700 students

“The strategic planning process helped us narrow our focus on a series of deliverable goals that strengthen our core beliefs and ensure our students graduate with the skills they need to succeed, no matter which path they choose to pursue.”
Dr. Kathy Rollo  |  Superintendent

Lubbock Independent School District (ISD) prioritized completing its comprehensive strategic plan during the 2020-21 school year. During a time that demanded so much in-the-moment thinking, the strategic plan was an opportunity to step back, think about the big picture, and create a path forward. Anchored in its Portrait of a Graduate, the district’s strategic plan placed students at the center of all its work.

Clearly defining a roadmap 

“Our strategic plan is the result of two years of important work, presenting the perfect time to refocus on our mission of providing a better future for every child, every day after facing numerous challenges over the last few years,” said Superintendent Dr. Kathy Rollo. “The plan provides an exciting new chapter for Lubbock ISD, serving as a clearly defined roadmap to guide our service to students, staff, families, and the community, with our mission at the heart of the plan.”

Aligning with Portrait of a Graduate skills and mindset

In its Portrait of a Graduate, Lubbock ISD identified the skills and mindsets all students will develop. Many of the competencies in the Portrait of a Graduate align with the district philosophy that supports the whole-child approach to education, such as adaptability, creativity, and critical thinking. The Lubbock ISD Portrait competencies do not only relate to academics; they underscore the importance of a well-rounded educational experience. The strategic plan emphasizes this approach by focusing on social-emotional learning, mental health, and extracurricular activities.  

Building community understanding and ownership 

To build understanding and ownership throughout the broader community, the process for developing Lubbock’s strategic plan included input from students, parents, and community stakeholders. Although the format for these conversations was different due to the pandemic, the level of engagement from the community was not affected.  

“It was inspiring to see representatives from the Lubbock community coming together to collaborate virtually and in-person,” Assistant Superintendent Doyle Vogler said. “Everyone was so committed to this work and stayed focused on our students because it’s all about the kids.”

Benefiting every child, every day with shared goals

As Lubbock ISD’s strategic plan took shape, district leaders wanted to align the goals to the school board’s goal of ensuring a cohesive vision with actionable steps for developing the whole child. It is a living, breathing document that will adapt to the needs of students—and district leaders are committed to collaborating as a community to meet the shared goals and objectives outlined in the strategic plan, for the benefit of every child, every day.