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Valerie Greenhill

Vice President

Why do you work here?

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"Preparing every young person for success in a rapidly changing world is an urgent priority for all educators. It’s exciting and fulfilling to work on this challenge with our partner districts across the country."


Valerie is responsible for the strategy and oversight of future-ready learning design, delivery, and networks. In that capacity, she leads the team’s work on Portrait of a Graduate, Strategic Planning, Portrait to Practice services, and Battelle for Kids’ networks, including EdLeader21 and the Urban District Cohort.

Before Battelle For Kids:

Valerie co-authored “The Leader’s Guide to 21st Century Education: 7 Steps for Schools and Districts.” She also co-founded EdLeader21, now the national network of Battelle for Kids, and was the Director of Strategic Initiatives for Partnership for 21st Century Skills (P21). She began her career in education technology.

Outside of Work:

Valerie lives in Tucson, Arizona, bakes sourdough with local grains, and cycles/runs/hikes as often as possible.