This is an example of a Portrait to Practice submission from Henrico County Public Schools (HCPS) in Virginia. It was shared in 2019 and illustrates how the HCPS puts its vision of 21st century, deeper learning into practice and the impact it has on student learning.

All Portrait to Practices submissions contain these components:




In 2018, HCPS adopted the Henrico Learner Profile as the school division’s blueprint for helping students learn in a dynamic way, with traits that prepare them for the future. Henrico Schools wants students to exhibit “six Cs”: have quality character; be global citizens, be effective communicators and collaborators, and be critical and creative thinkers. The “how” of learning is a concept called the Deeper Learner Model, which states that the best learning:

  • Happens anytime, anywhere. 
  • Is authentic and connected.
  • Is student-owned.
  • Is community-supported.



The Henrico Learner Profile Progression Chart gives learners and learning facilitators a structured resource for self-reflection and growth. As the next iteration of Henrico’s Teaching Innovation Progression Chart, it was designed to:

  • Influence learner agency.
  • Inform instructional practice.
  • Shape culture.
  • Support families and communities as partners in learning. 



Supreme Court Fair

Eighth-grade civics students were tasked with going in-depth on an important U.S. Supreme Court case. With a partner, students chose their own case and created a poster board and website to share their findings. The final element of the project had students discuss their case and research with members of the community who were invited to the culminating Supreme Court Fair.


Middle School STEAM Symposium

Students sharing their learning is at the heart of our Henrico Learner Profile. Henrico Schools’ first Middle School STEAM Symposium allowed students to display their STEAM learning experiences with families, staff, and the greater community. Students had a chance to connect their work with real-life knowledge as they interacted with community partners from the professional world and representatives of educational pathways in STEAM areas.



For the past 10 years, the Henrico learning community has come together to celebrate innovative learning with a teacher ceremony and student showcase known as “Henrico21.” In May 2019, in honor of its 10th anniversary and the new Henrico Learner Profile, Henrico21 was one exhibition. Students, teachers, and leaders shared their school’s best learner-centered experiences to promote the development of critical knowledge, skills, and attributes for life-readiness. At Henrico21, each Henrico school and program center exhibits its best example of a high-quality #LifeReadyLearning experience. The exhibition includes details about the learning process, product and life-ready knowledge, skills, and attributes gained from the perspective of students, their teachers and school leaders.


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