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Making a Difference for Students: 4 Ideas from the Annual Event

September 29, 2022

1. Empower teachers and elevate their voices.

When a network of education leaders has a shared vision of 21st century, deeper learning for every student, one of the most important things they can amplify is teacher and student voice.
During the EdLeader21 Network Annual Event, Superintendent Amy Cashwell, who serves as network chair, introduced Lisa Lande, director of international programs for the Quaglia Institute for School Voice and Aspirations (QISVA), to inspire educators around honoring the teacher’s voice.

Dr. Lande has dedicated her professional endeavors to advocating for teachers and students worldwide. She is an author, a former high school teacher, a college professor, and a director of several large-scale school improvement projects.
Dr. Lande shared impact research data on how teachers feel about their communication skills and confidence and how education leaders must empower teachers even further.  
“Teacher voice is not yet a natural way of being,” she highlighted. “We are talking about creating multiple pathways to allow every teacher to feel like their voice matters.”  
Dr. Lande provided solutions to empower teachers and elevate their voices through humor and interactive activities with an audience of nearly 600 EdLeader21 Network members from across the country.

2. Share ideas to bring Portrait of a Graduate to life for every student.

At the Portrait to Practice® Expo, 12 school systems shared how they are implementing their district’s vision for 21st century, deeper learning—making the Portrait of a Graduate a reality for every student. The innovative artifacts and lessons learned showed how members put their Portraits into practice and impact student learning. The Annual Event provides network members an opportunity to learn from one another, and the Portrait to Practice Expo gives educators the space to show ideas, ask questions, and discuss how to replicate similar practices in their districts. 

3. Work together to ensure all students are ready for the future.

No education leader is alone in this work. Bill Daggett, founder and executive chair of the Successful Practices Network (SPN), discussed a new vision of public schools and shared an inspiring message about our collective action needed to transform education.

To accelerate this vital work across the nation, Battelle for Kids and the Successful Practices Network have joined forces with AASA. These organizations have a shared mission to transform education. They mobilize networks of innovative school districts in the country: AASA’s Learning 2025 Network of demonstration systems and Battelle for Kids’ EdLeader21 Network.

4. “Pour a-ha moments into your Portrait of a Graduate.”

The real power of the EdLeader21 Network Annual Event happens after – when the inspiration and ideas energize school system leaders, inspire educators, and meaningfully impact students.

“The EdLeader21 Network Annual Event is energizing. I look forward to it. I hone my leadership skills, and I connect with my team. We’ve brought teachers, district administrators, and building leaders. To get into a space with colleagues from all over the country who have a similar desire to create world-class experiences for students is really powerful.”

AMY CASHWELL | Superintendent, Henrico County Public Schools, VA