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Do You Have a 21st Century, Deeper Learning Vision for Every Student?


Get started with your Portrait of a Graduate and take the first step in transforming your school system.

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The Design Process

We help you identify your shared aspirations as you engage with your broader community to consider these important questions:

  • What are the hopes, dreams, and aspirations that our community has for its students?
  • What are the skills and mindsets our children need for success in this rapidly changing, complex world?
  • What are the implications for the design of the learning experiences—and equitable access to those experiences—we provide in our school systems?

Our Portrait of a Graduate design process engages the education system and the broader community—educators, students, elected officials, community members, families— to help you build a unifying, collective vision for your students. Bringing together these diverse perspectives is essential for enduring educational transformation.


Locally developed, but globally positioned, the Portrait of a Graduate serves as a North Star for system transformation.


Listen in as these superintendents share the benefits of having a Portrait of a Graduate to unify their educational system:

  • Dr. Karen Cheser, KY
  • Jeff Brown, OH
  • Dr. Phil Downs, IN
  • Dr. Aaron Spence, VA
  • Dr. Melvin J. Brown, OH

Skilled Facilitation

Our team of experienced facilitators leverage interactive engagement tools to capture diverse perspectives and support system leaders as they engage alongside community members in meaningful discussions.  We have supported hundreds of school systems across the country in designing their locally developed Portrait of a Graduate in both virtual and in-person engagements.


Photos from virtual and in-person meetings where Columbus City Schools and community members collaborate to develop their Portrait of a Graduate.

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Professional Graphic Design

Our team includes a graphic designer who works alongside system leaders to iterate the design of your Portrait of a Graduate. The final visual is a powerful communication piece of your vision, representing your local community and your shared aspirations: 21st century deeper learning for every student.


Informed by conversations with district leaders and the community, our graphic designer begins by creating three concept sketches.



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