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Closing Gaps That Matter

February 26, 2021

There is a gap in student learning that deserves our attention—the gap in deeper learning experiences for economically disadvantaged students.
Deeper learning empowers students with not only rigorous academic content, but also the ability to transfer their knowledge while using essential skills and mindsets—that prepare them as lifelong learners and contributors in this uncertain, ever-changing world.
Our country’s future rests on the promise that all students are equipped to thrive and lead our nation into a better future.
This webinar is a conversation with superintendents from different parts of the United States about how their school districts are advancing 21st century, deeper learning for students in poverty.
Watch this engaging discussion with:  
Karen Garza, CEO & President, Battelle for Kids   
Steve Holmes, Superintendent, Sunnyside Unified School District, AZ   
Mike McCormick, Superintendent, Val Verde Unified School District, CA  
Ruth Zitnik, Superintendent, Maysville Local Schools, OH

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