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Are They Okay? Let’s Ask Them!

February 19, 2021

Educators across the country are longing for a deeper connection with their students—now more than ever before. As school systems shift between in-person, hybrid, and remote learning, teachers and their students are facing many challenges. Increasingly, teachers are worried about their students. Are they OK?  

This webinar explores how to equip and empower teachers in leveraging student voice to cultivate what matters most—especially right now: hope, engagement, and belonging in 21st century learning experiences

Watch this engaging discussion with:  
Jamie Meade, Vice President & Chief of Staff, Battelle for Kids  
Jacqueline Burke, Senior Director, Design & Delivery, Battelle for Kids

The Student Experience21 is an online suite of tools that help educators respond to student voice around the themes of hope, engagement, and belonging in 21st century learning experiences. For more information about The Student Experience21, visit or contact Jeff at