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Contribute to the EdLeader21 Network Annual Event

The most powerful sessions at the EdLeader21 Network Annual Event are from members – like you! Sharing your work inspires others and can accelerate future-ready, deeper learning for every student.

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Ways to Share Your Work

Learning Sessions

Lead a learning session and share innovative ideas, strategies, and initiatives around creating and implementing your district’s vision for a future-ready education.

Portrait to Practice Expo

Showcase how your district is implementing its vision for 21st century, deeper learning and making the Portrait of a Graduate a reality for your students. Share artifacts that illustrate how you put your district’s Portrait of a Graduate into practice and the impact it has on student learning

Get to Know the Session Strands

The following are the session strands or focus areas for this year’s event. As you prepare your presentation proposal, please ensure that it is aligned with one or two of the strands.

Advancing the Vision

This strand focuses on how districts are taking concrete steps to implement their vision for deeper learning and the Portrait of a Graduate.  

Topic Ideas: 

  • Change Management 
  • Community & Family Engagement 
  • Strategic Planning 
  • Strategic Communications & Storytelling 
  • Alignment of the Educational System 
  • Education & Workforce Alignment 
Student Agency and Voice

This strand explores ways districts empower students to take ownership of their learning and become active agents in the educational process. 

Topic Ideas: 

  • Student Voice 
  • Student Agency 
  • Student-Led Learning 
  • Work-Based Learning  
Hope, Belonging, and Well-being

This strand focuses on fostering well-being, hope, and belonging in students and educators across the school district. Through these sessions, attendees will learn how to create a culture of care and support for all students and educators, and how this culture can be leveraged to improve student outcomes and engagement. In addition, this is an opportunity for school district leaders and teachers to come together, share best practices, and leave with actionable strategies for promoting well-being, hope, and belonging in their schools. 

Topic Ideas: 

  • Wellness Programs 
  • Mental Health Initiatives 
  • School Safety 
  • Equity & Inclusion 
  • The Science of Hope 
  • The Science of Belonging 
Deeper Learning Design

This strand will explore new and innovative approaches to designing, implementing, and assessing deeper learning. 

Topic Ideas: 

  • Assessment Practices 
  • Design Thinking 
  • Competency-Based Education 
  • Personalized Learning 
  • Technology Integration 
  • Curriculum & Instruction 
Empowering Educators

This strand examines how districts support educators in their professional growth and development as they shift toward deeper learning practices.  

Topic Ideas: 

  • Human Capital Practices 
  • Professional Learning Design 
  • Teacher Voice 
  • Teacher Leadership 
  • Capacity Building 
Equitable Outcomes for All

EdLeader21 Network members are working diligently to advance deeper learning for every student everywhere, resulting in high-quality, equitable experiences and outcomes. This strand will focus on how districts approach Portrait of a Graduate implementation through an equity lens.  

Topic Ideas:  

  • Equity in Educational Spaces  
  • Equity in Behavior Prevention & Response  
  • Equitable School Culture  
  • Equity Based Leadership  
  • Equitable Deeper Learning  
  • Building Community Relationships for Successful Programs 

Submit a Portrait to Practice Story

If you would like to tell the story of your district’s journey to develop and implement your Portrait of a Graduate, consider submitting your presentation for the Portrait to Practice Expo rather than a learning session.

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Submission Guidance

Know your audience.

The EdLeader21 Annual Event brings together more than 600 education leaders from across the country who are dedicated to advancing 21st century, deeper learning for all students. Last year’s attendees represented a range of roles, including 39% district-level administrators, 25% principals or assistant principals, 15% teachers or teacher leaders, and 13% superintendents.

When you submit your proposal, please specify the role(s) for which your presentation is best suited.

Understand the format.

Learning sessions give EdLeader21 Network members an opportunity to share their innovative ideas, strategies, and initiatives around 21st century, deeper learning. Learning sessions are 75 minutes in duration and set up in rounds of 8-10 people per table. The sessions should be interactive, engaging, and provide practical, actionable information and resources.

Submit your proposal

When submitting your proposal, please include the following information:

  • Contact information for the presenter submitting the proposal
  • Session strand(s) and target audience
  • Title and description for the learning session
  • Learning outcomes attendees will take away from the proposed session

Please note that EdLeader21 Network membership is required to submit a proposal.

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