Fostering a Love of Learning in our Education Systems Featuring AASA, The School Superintendent Association’s Dr. David Schuler (Part 2)








Episode Description

An innovative education system leader knows how to lead with an aspirational vision for the future that challenges students and staff to think beyond traditional ideas.  

Dr. Dave Schuler, executive director of AASA, The School Superintendents Association, is a wonderful example of this type of leader. He joins Dr. Karen Garza, president and CEO of Battelle for Kids, for a conversation about how education systems can be reimagined to provide meaningful, authentic learning opportunities for students. In part two of their conversation, they discuss the shifting landscape in the workforce and how that presents opportunities and challenges in preparing students for what's ahead. They also delve into technology's impact on education and how parents play a vital, central role in the education of their child and their preparation for the future.  

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Dr. Dave Schuler is the executive director of AASA, a position he began this year. He previously served as superintendent for 16 years at High School District 214, Illinois’ largest high school system. He started the national Redefining Ready movement, which redefines what it means for students to be college, career, and life ready.   


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