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School Tour at Annual Event: Mehlville School District


Mehlville Portrait

At this year’s Annual Event, attendees will have the opportunity to take part in unique school tours of the Mehlville School District. Located in south St. Louis County, the district serves the educational needs of about 10,000 students in a community of about 96,000 residents within 42 square miles. The district believes that all of their graduates should be creative and critical thinkers, self-aware, persistent, communicators, and ethical and global. This is represented in their Portrait of a Graduate. 

You and your team can sign up for this add-on experience when you register for the Annual Event in St. Louis!


Groups will be visiting two of the following locations:

Elementary Tour

MOSAIC Elementary School focuses on a personalized approach to teaching and learning. Teachers co-teach in “studio” style classrooms, giving them the flexibility to use a variety of instruction styles and adjust in real time. During the visit, attendees will observe co-teaching, project-based learning, collaboration, learning menus, flexible pace and place, learner agency, and learning progressions.




High School Tour

Mehlville High School serves about 1,500 students in the northern side of the district. In 2022, they launched the Flex program, a student-focused, half-day academic program where students drive their own learning through an integrated academic approach. They also offer a variety of choice programming for students, including MyPath, STLCAPS, Geometry in Construction, and more. 

Mehlville 1


Middle School Tour

One of four middle schools in Mehlville, Bernard serves around 650 students in grades 6-8. Bernard Middle School is home to Patriot Academy, a school-within-a-school model personalized learning program where students engage in cross-curricular projects and are empowered to take ownership of their learning. Bernard is a National School of Character and Promising Practice Award winner, with a variety of learner centered programs and practices embedded in the school culture. Attendees will be able to observe the co-teaching model, Patriot Academy (personalized learning academy model), STEM, PLTW, and high school credit opportunities. 

Bernard 2


High School Tour

The district’s other secondary building, Oakville High School, serves about 1,700 students in the southern side of the district. The school provides expanded opportunities to students through the AMPED Algebra program, Early College, an innovative Family and Consumer Sciences program, as well as MyPath and CAPS. The teachers also engage in instructional collaboration through a strong PLC model.

oakville high