An exciting partnership benefiting school systems and students nationwide

AASA, The School Superintendents Association, announced a partnership with Battelle for Kids (BFK) and the Successful Practices Network (SPN) to bolster momentum toward a new vision for our nation’s schools and enhance students’ abilities to thrive today and throughout their lives. 


“Our kids deserve the best of the best in our school system leaders. We need to support staff through professional development, different cohorts and networks, and partnerships with [organizations like] Battelle For Kids. If we’re intentional and strategic about the work, like what we’re doing with AASA Learning 2025, I really think we can get to scale with transformational work to ensure that all of our systems are preparing students for the world of tomorrow, not yesterday.”
—David R. Schuler, Executive Director, AASA
“This is a critical time in our nation’s history. As educational leaders, we are faced with a wonderful opportunity to reimagine our educational systems and create a new, enduring vision for education that prepares all students for success in this rapidly changing, complex world.”
—Karen Garza, President & CEO, Battelle for Kids
“Last year, AASA issued, An American Imperative: A New Vision of Public Schools , a report that recommended a holistic redesign of our nation’s schools aimed at capturing a new vision of future-focused and culturally vibrant learning through the empowerment of districts to enact positive change on behalf of learners, families and communities. We have an opportunity to finally bring our schools into the future and transform them into nimble systems.”
—Bill Daggett, Founder & Executive Chair, Successful Practices Network

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