21st Century Learning Exemplar Program

Since 2013, the Partnership for 21st Century Learning (P21) has annually designated 21st Century Learning Exemplars based upon exceptional implementation of the Framework for 21st Century Learning´╗┐.

Each year, P21 has highlighted a cohort of early learning centers, K–12 schools, school districts, and beyond school programs in the U.S. as 21st Century Learning Exemplars. Now that P21 is a network of Battelle for Kids, we are leading together in celebrating the current year of 21st Century Learning Exemplars.

2019 21st Century Learning Exemplars

Each of the following earned this year’s award for its outstanding practices in equipping students with the necessary skills and knowledge for success in college, career and life:

Early Learning
Goddard School Broadview Heights (Broadview, OH)
Goddard School Simpsonville (Simpsonville, SC)

K–12 Schools
Canyon Crest Elementary (Fontana, CA)
Elon Elementary School (Elon, NC)
EVSC New Tech Institute (Evansville, IN)
Henry Ford Academy: Alameda School for Art + Design (San Antonio, TX)
Kairos Public School Vacaville Academy (Vacaville, CA)
Kensington Elementary School (Waxhaw, NC)
Moreno Valley High School (Moreno Valley, CA)
Saint Ambrose School (Brunswick, OH)
Santiago Charter Middle School (Orange, CA)
Valley View High School (Moreno Valley, CA)
Vineyard STEM Magnet (Ontario, CA)
Vista Heights Middle School (Moreno Valley, CA)
Wolf Springs Elementary School (Overland Park, KS)

Lennox School District (Lennox, CA)
Vicksburg Warren School District (Vicksburg, MS)

Beyond School Programs
Camp Champions (Marble Falls, TX)

How BFK and P21 Support 21st Century Learning Exemplars

As part of celebrating the best practices from these awardees, Battelle for Kids and its P21 network provide ways for their stories to be shared with others. These case study briefs provide powerful insights to guide other school districts, schools, and programs so that every child can experience the best of 21st century learning experiences:

  • Case study briefs: In the spring, we will publish a case study brief for each 21st Century Learning Exemplar and release it to the public for free download.
  • Ceremony: There will be a recognition ceremony in D.C. in April 2019.
  • Social media sharing: Battelle for Kids, the 21st Century Learning Exemplars, and P21 also share insights and updates via this Twitter hashtag: #P21Exemplar

Future Years for 21st Century Learning Exemplars

The 21st Century Learning Exemplar Program will be on hold temporarily as Battelle for Kids and P21 refine and enhance the overall program. We anticipate that this revised program will be available for application beginning early in 2020—for identification and celebration of 21st Century Learning Exemplars in 2021!

School systems and programs can continue to access the P21 Framework for 21st Century Learning and Early Learning Framework as in the past. Also, consider joining forces with other innovative school systems through EdLeader21, a national network of Battelle for Kids.

We will be highlighting the 2019 21st Century Learning Exemplars in case studies available in April 2019. Here are some ways to stay informed:

  1. Review the case studies to inspire changes in your own system.
  2. Watch our social media (@P21Learning) and this hashtag for updates: #P21Exemplar
  3. Visit this web page for more information.
  4. Subscribe to BFK’s national newsletter.