The most powerful sessions at the EdLeader21 Annual Event are from members—like you. Whether it’s strategies for creating learning frameworks, best practices for assessing 21st century competencies, or ideas for deeper community engagement, there are many lessons to be learned from one another’s successes and challenges. 
Sharing your work inspires others and can accelerate 21st century learning for every student in your school system.

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Learning Sessions

Lead a 60- to 75-minute session to share innovative ideas, strategies, and initiatives around creating and implementing your district’s vision for 21st century education.

Portrait to Practice Fair

Showcase how your district is implementing your vision for 21st century learning—making your Portrait of a Graduate a reality for your students. Share artifacts that illustrate how you put your Portrait into practice and the impact it has on student learning. Learn more about the Portrait to Practice Fair.

You can present a learning session or participate in the Portrait to Practice fair or do both!


Learning sessions will align with these focus areas at this year’s event.

Student Agency

Across the country, schools and districts are placing students at the center of their work in a variety of ways and elevating student voice and agency in the learning process. These sessions highlight practices, strategies, and structures designed to position students as leaders and co-designers of their own learning.

Deeper Learning & Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

EdLeader21 Network members are working diligently to advance deeper, 21st century learning for every student, everywhere, resulting in high quality, equitable experiences and outcomes. Sessions in this strand will focus on ways in which members are approaching Portrait of a Graduate implementation through an equity lens.

Leading 21st Century Transformation

How do you build on pockets of innovation to transform a system to prepare every student for college, career, and life in the 21st century? Many members have developed a Portrait of a Graduate that provides a strategic direction for the redesign of the educational experience for students. This strand will highlight effective strategies to support that vision, as well as practices and dispositions essential in leading this transformational work.

Portrait to Practice

What does it look like when your vision for 21st century learning becomes a reality for students? From designing interdisciplinary units to creating authentic learning experiences, these sessions will focus on effective ways to integrate deeper learning competencies into curriculum, instruction, and assessment.

Empowered Workforce

These sessions showcase the ways in which schools and districts can elevate all staff with human capital systems that attract, grow, and retain diverse, innovative, and highly engaged talent, in service of students.


    • Wednesday, May 26: Deadline to submit a proposal

    • Mid-to-late June: Presenter notification

    • October 11-13: Learning Sessions and Portrait to Practice Fair



    If you have any questions about sharing your work at the EdLeader21 Annual Event, please email us at

    The Annual Event is exclusively for EdLeader21 Network members. Not a member? Contact Jeff at to learn more and join.