Who Should Apply?

Any US school system leading the way in 21st century learning should apply and can be recognized as a Luminary. 

We are looking for systems with clear strategies for system-wide scaling of 21st century learning for every student, as well as evidence such strategies are being implemented. 

Your school system can apply even if you haven’t yet scaled 21st century learning across your entire system. Additionally, you do not need to have strong scores in all 6 components of a 21st century learning system to be recognized as a Luminary.  

We realize that 21st century learning is a journey, and therefore, the Luminaries will likely include school systems at various points along the pathway to realizing the power and promise of 21st century learning for every student. 

So… Do you have a vision for what 21st century learning will look like in your school system? Do you have a strategy to realize this vision across your system? Are you executing on some key aspects of that strategy? If so, you should probably apply, or at least start the application process so you can make a more informed decision. 

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