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But far too many of our students are still receiving a 20th century education.  

Wherever they live and whatever they do, all Americans are connected by a shared aspiration: Our country’s youth deserve an educational experience that prepares them to thrive in our ever-changing world.

Now more than ever, school systems must analyze and deeply understand how well they are equipping every child for success in this century—and reimagine learning experiences for today’s world.

We’re living in an unprecedented age of agility, innovation, and acceleration. School systems are the driving force for creating educational experiences that make it possible for students to stay apace with this dynamic world. Working together, we can change the trajectory of students’ lives—and, ultimately, of their communities and our nation—for the better.  

And this is why we are publishing... 






Report available March 30, 2020

This report will include: 

  • An overview of significant landscape shifts impacting our world and our children’s future
    • Workforce
    • Pace of Change
    • Global
    • Human Interaction 
  • A look back at defining milestones in 21st century education 

  • Highlights of school systems leading the way in transforming their systems for the benefit of all students 

  • Examples of state policy influence on 21st century education 

  • Key priorities to accelerate the realization of 21st century learning 

  • Specific calls to action for...
    • Educators
    • School System Leaders
    • Families
    • Students
    • Community Members
    • Businesses and Employers
    • Civic Leaders
    • State Policymakers