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Ephrata Area Schools: Applying deeper learning and cultivating student voice every day

September 27, 2023
“Life-ready and future-focused are how we describe our district. We’re working on aligning everything to our vision, supporting teachers in shifts, and modeling risk-taking and innovation.”

Brian Troop, Ed.D. | Superintendent

Ephrata Area Schools have been focused on deeper learning for several years. Their Portrait of a Graduate, called the Life Ready Graduate, guides the way to ensuring every student experiences a 21st century education. One of the most innovative and powerful ways Ephrata has supported implementation is by prioritizing student voice and choice. For example, when the district has a space that needs to be refreshed or reimagined, students have a say in how it will look. Teams of students work together to brainstorm ideas, then work with local architectural firms and the school board to see their ideas come to life.

About the District
Ephrata Area Schools is located in southeastern Pennsylvania, 70 miles west of Philadelphia. The district serves more than 4,100 students across eight schools.

It is the mission of the Ephrata Area School District to provide all students a secure learning environment and exemplary academic programs that inspire all students to reach their full potential.

The Ephrata Area School District Life Ready Graduate program was created to prepare students to have a positive impact on an ever-changing world.  The program aims to enhance students’ knowledge, skills, and dispositions beyond traditional content mastery and standardized assessments, including civics, financial literacy, technological proficiency, communication, collaboration, integrity, and much more.