Building the Talent Pipeline


TeacherShortageMonographThere is no profession more important to the success of our country than teaching. However, at a time when talented educators are needed more than ever, fewer young people are pursuing a career in education, and school districts are struggling to attract and retain teachers. 

Over the past several years, Battelle for Kids has partnered with school districts across the country to recruit and retain top talent, and create positive school cultures where educators feel engaged and supported. 

Knowing that every district faces different challenges with attracting and retaining educators, Battelle for Kids developed Building the Talent Pipeline: Three Steps to Attract and Retain Educators to help districts develop customized strategies that work within their unique context. Education leaders can explore: 

  • A three-point approach to help districts identify strengths and next steps
  • Examples of how districts across the country are working to address shortages
  • A discussion guide and questions to help district leaders improve their human capital management systems
  • An extensive repository of potential strategies to address the educator shortage

Many districts are employing strategic HR practices to build strong talent pipelines. Doing so is crucial not only to fill needed positions in the short term, but also to elevate the profession in ways that recognize how important teachers are to the success of our students, communities, and the nation.

Published: October 2016

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Read a summary of Building the Talent Pipeline published in the Winter 2017 issue of OAESA Principal Navigator.

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