Creating Positive School Culture

Training that brings the power of positive psychology to education!

Battelle for Kids is partnering with the International Thought Leader Network (ITLN) to bring The Orange ITLN-LOGO-Square-Orientation-Final150pxFrog WorkshopTM to K–12 education. Based on the groundbreaking work of Shawn Achor, author of the New York Times best-selling book, The Happiness Advantage: The Seven Principles of Positive Psychology that Fuel Success and Performance at Work, BFK and ITLN are offering professional learning and resources to create more positive school cultures.

More than a decade of research shows that happiness is the precursor to success, not merely the result. A meta-analysis of more than 200 studies on 275,000 people worldwide revealed that happiness leads to more productivity at work, better health, strong relationships, enhanced creativity, and greater energy.  

About The Orange Frog Workshop

ITLN developed an experiential workshop rooted in the seven core principles from The Happiness OF_BooksmallAdvantage to help leaders adopt a sustainable approach to enhancing productivity at the individual, team, and organization levels. To serve as a starting point for the workshop, Shawn Achor wrote The Orange Frog, a parable that illustrates the journey to creating a happier, more productive, more satisfying life and workplace.

BFK and ITLN are bringing this experience to K–12 education to help educators and leaders increase their personal satisfaction and foster more engaged and productive cultures in schools.

Read the press release announcing the BFK and ITLN partnership

Read in the September issue of AASA School Administrator (pg. 42-46) how The Orange Frog helped transform the culture in one Iowa school district.

Engagement opportunities include:

The wonderful thing about The Orange Frog Training is anyone can lead it. In my situation, I introduced my staff to it as the superintendent, but we have enabled all staff members to take charge. Our chartering team has members of administration, teachers, support staff, secretaries, and even our maintenance man. It’s hard for anyone to argue the difference it has made with all levels of people in our district.
Joel Pedersen, Superintendent, Cardinal Community School District (Iowa)

Shawn Achor spoke to more than 2,500 superintendents and school leaders at the 2016 AASA National Conference on Education.

Begin experiencing the Happiness Advantage. Watch “The Happy Secret to Better Work”—one of the most popular TED talks ever, with more than 14M views.

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