Gather student feedback to create a learning experience that ensures success for all.

While no single measure can capture the complexity of teaching and learning, there is evidence that student feedback, when combined with other measures, can be a powerful tool to inform teacher practice and improve outcomes for students.

We developed The Student Experience® Survey in collaboration with Gallup® to capture classroom-level feedback from students to help teachers create a learning experience that supports student success now and in the future. The survey captures feedback around four key themes:

belonging • hope • engagement • classroom management

Designed for students in grades 4–12, the research-based 24-item survey can be completed online in less than 15 minutes, protecting instructional time while providing timely feedback to support improvement. Educators can customize the survey to get a snapshot of the student learning experience by classroom, course, class period, or grade.

We equip you with everything you need to:

1  Discover the power of the survey
2  Prepare to administer the survey
3  Respond to your survey

  • Enhances the student learning experience
  • Supports professional growth
  • Offers a more complete picture of what matters for student success


Already an educator or student engaged in using the Student Experience Survey?

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Grounded in Research

Research has shown that hope is a more robust predictor of a student’s college success than academic measures, such as the ACT, SAT, and GPA. When students have hope for the future, they take their education more seriously and bring positive ideas and energy into the learning process. Watch Shane Lopez, Gallup Senior Scientist and author of Making Hope Happen, discuss why hope matters for student success, now and in the future.
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Today’s educator standards also emphasize the importance of a classroom environment in which students are cared for and respected. Battelle for Kids' Executive Director Jim Mahoney explains that creating a sense of belonging can motivate students to do their best.

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It was a great tool, and my students enjoyed taking it. I found that it facilitated the type of discussions I like to have with my students—a community feel in my classroom.
Florida Teacher