Build measures you can trust.

In today’s fast-paced education environment, change is a constant—and accuracy is a requirement. Engaging teachers in laying the groundwork for better measures of effectiveness, using class rosters they can see and believe in is essential. 

The learning experience is complex and involves the efforts of many. Without a means to effectively verify rosters, teachers could be given credit for students they've never taught, and students could be linked to teachers they’ve never met.

Working with teachers across the country, we created a simple process and easy-to-use, online roster verification solution—BFK•Link®. In these three steps, we make the process easy: 

1  Teachers confirm teacher-student linkages.
2  School leaders review teacher reporting.
3  School leaders approve the linkages.

  • Engages teachers
  • Enables simple views of data
  • Facilitates a seamless process of confirming, reviewing, and approving
  • Results in the most accurate value-added results and other student growth measures
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During the 2015–2016 school year, BFK•Link®  was used by educators verifying 322,980 rosters in Charleston (SC), Chicago, Tulsa (OK); Texas districts including Aldine, Fort Worth, Houston, and Lubbock; as well as the states of Hawaii and Ohio. Battelle for Kids’ analysis indicates widespread data-quality issues.  These issues include teaching assignments, number of students taught, the mobility of students, and the instructional responsibility attributed to a single teacher.

Take a look at some statistics that demonstrate the extent of the problem with teacher-student linkage using current systems:


teachers had incomplete or incorrect content area association


rosters were inaccurate and required changes during roster verification


Students linked to more than one teacher in a subject
Our full-featured BFK•Link® stand-alone software is offered at no cost to districts and states for non-commercial use, thanks to the generous support of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. We also offer a range of services to support the districts' and states' use the BFK•Link® solution for roster verification, including: