Efficiently manage the planning process and data collection for student growth measures.

Student growth measures can provide powerful information to accelerate student learning and inform professional practice. However, the process to develop and submit the student growth plan and collect and track data can become time consuming if not well managed. 

Developed with teacher and administrator feedback, BFK•Grow™ is an online solution that helps school systems efficiently manage the student growth measures process—including plan development and data collection.

    1  Create and submit student growth measure plans for administrator review, adjustment, and approval
    2  Verify rosters and enter baseline data and growth targets
    3  Monitor, intervene, and update growth plans and rosters throughout the year
    4  Determine through automated information if students met targeted growth

  • Maximizes time and resources through an automated, configurable online tool
  • Ensures data accuracy  
  • Fosters ongoing conversations about the use of student growth
  • Promotes a culture of collaboration, transparency, and trust through the creation of rigorous, attainable, and appropriate student growth measures
BFK•Grow™ is a powerful tool that has streamlined the important work of writing [student learning objectives] and providing meaningful and timely feedback to teachers in a dynamic platform.
Kelly Holbrook, Assistant Superintendent, Heath City Schools
BFK•Grow™ has enabled me to have all teacher data in one location. This saves me time, is extremely easy to view, and allows me to have meaningful conversations with teachers. It is so easy to use and ensures accuracy in the calculations.
Heidi Kegley, Principal, Delaware City Schools