21st Century Learning Exemplar Program

Since 2013, the Partnership for 21st Century Learning (P21) has annually designated 21st Century Learning Exemplars based upon exceptional implementation of the Framework for 21st Century Learning´╗┐.

Each year, P21 highlights a cohort of early learning centers, K–12 schools, school districts, and beyond school programs in the U.S. as 21st Century Learning Exemplars. Now that P21 is a network of Battelle for Kids, we are leading together in celebrating the current year of 21st Century Learning Exemplars.

2019 21st Century Learning Exemplars

Each of the following earned a 2019 award for its outstanding practices in equipping students with the necessary skills and knowledge for success in college, career and life. These case study briefs provide powerful insights to guide other school districts, schools, and programs so that every child can experience the best of 21st century learning experiences.

Early Learning 

The Goddard School Located in Broadview Heights (Broadview, OH)

With deliberate attention and care, The Goddard School located in Broadview Heights, OH provides a nurturing and welcoming home away from home where collaboration and communication are front and center.
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The Goddard School Located in Simpsonville (Simpsonville, SC) 

Going above and beyond, The Goddard School located in Simpsonville, SC exemplifies whole-child learning, seeking unique pathways to meet the social, emotional, and developmental needs for all students.
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K–12 Schools 

Canyon Crest Elementary School (Fontana, CA) 

With a growth-mindset culture, Canyon Crest Elementary School takes seriously its aim to foster a conducive learning environment for all its students to develop into caring and thoughtful lifelong learners.
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Elon Elementary School (Elon, NC) 

With an unwavering commitment to cultivate global ambassadors, Elon Elementary School keeps college and career readiness at the forefront as they prepare students for an everchanging and interconnected world.
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EVSC New Tech Institute (Evansville, IN) 

EVSC New Tech Institute provides a safe haven for high-quality learning and growth with an unflagging commitment to support the learning styles and social-emotional development of all students.
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Henry Ford Academy: Alameda School for Art + Design (San Antonio, TX) 

With considerable attention and care, Henry Ford Academy: Alameda School for Art + Design relentlessly advocates for and champions its students by providing a safe learning environment that challenges them to meet their potential and transition successfully into the next phase of their academic journey.
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Kairos Public School Vacaville Academy (Vacaville, CA) 

With a focus on preparing their students for an indeterminate future, Kairos Public School Vacaville Academy (KPSVA) offers rigorous, research-based instruction that enables students to understand their strengths and abilities and navigate their role in the world of tomorrow.
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Kensington Elementary School (Waxhaw, NC) 

With a focus on creating globally competitive students and engaged leaders of tomorrow, Kensington Elementary School incorporates a robust climate of achievement and academic excellence with a culture of kindness and respect for self and others.
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Moreno Valley High School (Moreno Valley, CA) 

With an unflagging drive to improve and provide high-quality, student-centered instruction, Moreno Valley High School takes seriously its commitment to prepare its students to be competent and caring citizens.
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Saint Ambrose School (Brunswick, OH) 

With a strong focus on social, emotional, and behavioral growth for all students, Saint Ambrose School fosters a deep ethos of caring that is woven into the fabric of the STEAM-focused PreK–8 school.
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Santiago Charter Middle School (Orange, CA) 

With a strong sense of ownership and pride, the Santiago Charter Middle School community comes together to provide a warm, collaborative learning environment where students are enabled and encouraged to explore pathways that suit their unique interests and needs.
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Valley View High School (Moreno Valley, CA) 

By fostering an engaged, supportive learning environment, Valley View High School provides an extensive lineup of offerings to ensure that every student has a successful pathway forward to pursue their interests and individual strengths.
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Vineyard STEM Magnet (Ontario, CA) 

With a strong focus on rigorous STEM education and character development, Vineyard STEM Magnet School (Vineyard) provides unique and extensive project-based learning opportunities that enable students to become advocates for themselves and others in the classroom, and beyond.
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Vista Heights Middle School (Moreno Valley, CA) 

With a concerted effort to develop the whole-child, Vista Heights Middle School offers a warm and supportive learning environment for all students to flourish as they acquire the skills and dispositions needed to successfully navigate a lifetime of learning.
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Wolf Springs Elementary School (Overland Park, KS) 

Designed and created with 21st century learning outcomes in mind, Wolf Springs Elementary School equips their students with the skills and mindsets to affect change in their local and global communities.
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Lennox School District (Lennox, CA) 

Situated in metropolitan Los Angeles and a little over a square mile in size, Lennox School District has an outsized impact and a wealth of opportunities for their students, families, and the greater Lennox community.
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Vicksburg Warren School District (Vicksburg, MS) 

With a strong focus on the community, Vicksburg Warren School District (VWSD) equips each student for the future, prepared for the next step in life and career as a caring and competent member of society.
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Beyond School Programs 

Camp Champions (Marble Falls, TX) 

Camp Champions provides an inclusive community that fosters 21st century skills and lifelong lessons that help campers in the classroom and beyond through an intentionally designed, character-driven overnight summer camp experience.
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How BFK and P21 Support 21st Century Learning Exemplars

As part of celebrating the best practices from these awardees, Battelle for Kids and its P21 network provide ways for their stories to be shared with others, as follows:

  • Case study briefs: We published case study briefs (download above) for all 21st Century Learning Exemplars. 
  • Ceremony: April 30, 2019 recognition ceremony in D.C.
  • Social media sharing: Battelle for Kids, the 21st Century Learning Exemplars, and P21 also share insights and updates via this Twitter hashtag: #P21Exemplar

Future Years for 21st Century Learning Exemplars

The 21st Century Learning Exemplar Program will be on hold temporarily as Battelle for Kids and P21 refine and enhance the overall program. We anticipate that this revised program will be available for application beginning early in 2020—for identification and celebration of 21st Century Learning Exemplars in 2021!

School systems and programs can continue to access the P21 Framework for 21st Century Learning and Early Learning Framework as in the past. Also, consider joining forces with other innovative school systems through EdLeader21, a national network of Battelle for Kids.

We will be highlighting the 2019 21st Century Learning Exemplars in case studies available in April 2019. Here are some ways to stay informed:

  1. Review the case studies to inspire changes in your own system.
  2. Watch our social media (@P21Learning) and this hashtag for updates: #P21Exemplar
  3. Visit this web page for more information.
  4. Subscribe to BFK’s national newsletter.