Lead With Hope

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LeadWithHopeCoverRural education leaders share ideas for improving education and opportunities for students in rural schools.

A child's zip code should not determine their future. Schools in rural areas serve more than 40 percent of U.S. students but receive just 22 percent of federal support. One in four of these students lives in poverty. Rural child poverty is a factor that contributes to low levels of well-being, an effect that can follow individuals throughout their lives, particularly if they experienced poverty at an early age.

Battelle for Kids’ Rural Education National Forum aims to find ways to improve opportunities for students in rural areas. The annual event brings together rural education leaders from around the country to discuss ways to improve the quality of education and put these students on pathways to college and career success. 

This SmartFocus on Rural Education, sponsored by Battelle for Kids, features highlights and takeaways from the 2015 Rural Forum. See how hope operates as an agent of change; get ideas for creating programs to prepare students for college and the workforce; and learn how “invested communities” can provide fresh opportunities for students.
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