Our History of Innovation

Our work has taken us across the country—and the globe. We’ve partnered with like-minded organizations to innovate, invest in best practices, and share new research and lessons learned. Want to learn more about our history of innovation? Read on.

Ohio's Education System

Our roots are in Ohio. Learn how we’ve partnered with the Ohio Department of Education, school districts, and others across the state to reimagine what education looks like for Ohio’s students.

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Global Education Study

In 2012, we partnered with Ohio leaders from public schools, teachers’ unions, charter schools, higher education, school boards, and the business community to voyage across the globe and learn from high-performing education systems.

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Highly Effective Teacher Research

Battelle for Kids conducted more than seven years of research, studying the practices of teachers that consistently accelerate student learning. After hundreds of hours of focus groups and in-depth interviews, we identified four themes of powerful practices.

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High School Transformation

From 2008 to 2012, with funding from Carnegie Corporation of New York and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundations, we piloted a collaborative of 88 Ohio high schools with a shared mission to transform high schools into thriving cultures of learning. Over the course of the initiative, these schools proved that transformation is possible. Participating schools achieve a 5-percentage point increase in meeting all four ACT college- and career-readiness benchmarks.

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