Strategic Planning

Are you looking to implement a plan that ensures the district’s Portrait of a Graduate becomes a reality for every student in the system?

21GlobeTo get to this point, your strategic planning process should include many voices and points of input, so people see themselves in it. 

This has deep meaning when a community and district co-create a shared Portrait of a Graduate, describing the 21st century knowledge, skills, and mindsets students need to become lifelong learners and contributors. When students graduate, communities want them to be ready for whatever the future might bring. Whether students select college or career pathways, the supports for success should speak through your plan. 

Done well, a planning process will ensure that everyone with a stake in the plan is putting it into action in classrooms, at home, and in the community—as a natural part of all they do. This means redesigning learning experiences, refocusing on students’ needs, and redefining success.

Battelle for Kids will help your district, schools, and educators to make this deeper learning transformation. We will partner with you to create a plan true to your community's values and vision for student success.