Strategic Measures

Data Services & Roster Verification

Data becomes information when put in the hands of educators prepared to understand, analyze, and use it.

Data Services

We partner with districts and states to:

  • Implement data management and collection processes, including anticipating and preventing obstacles in collection, ensuring data integrity, and meeting challenging state and federal timelines for accountability
  • Provide training and support to help educators appropriately use student growth and achievement measures, student surveys, and other observational measures to inform instruction

Roster Verification

When gathering measures of effectiveness at the classroom level, it is important to engage teachers in the process. The learning experience is complex and involves the efforts of many. Without a means to effectively verify rosters, teachers could be given credit for students they've never taught, and students could be linked to teachers they’ve never met.

Developed with input from teachers, the BFK•Link® solution offers a simple roster verification process. During the 2012–13 school year, Battelle for Kids supported educators verifying 619,176 rosters in large urban school districts, such as Baltimore, Chicago, the District of Columbia, and Newark, and for state-level initiatives in Colorado, Hawaii, Ohio, Oklahoma, and Texas. These efforts revealed the following findings:

Percentages contrasting types of schools and the number of students connected to teachers

The license to the web-based, full-featured, standalone BFK•Link® software is offered at no cost to states and districts, for non-commercial use. Additional services including professional development and communications support are available as well. 

data services

BFK•Link was awarded the GroundWork group’s NonProfit CreativITy Award for Social Enterprise Innovation. The award recognizes stellar technology development and implementation bringing social benefit to more people.

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