Online Courses

Battelle for Kids offers more than 50 online courses to build educators’ capacity to apply a variety of school-improvement strategies. Online learning offers educators the flexibility they need to grow professionally any time, any place, and at any pace and keeps them in the classroom. Our blended learning approach includes suggestions and support resources to help education leaders facilitate online learning in combination with face-to-face training and collaboration to ensure sustained impact.

Formative Instructional Practices

Developed in partnership with Pearson Assessment Training Institute, these learning paths provide educators with the necessary information and instructional resources to implement sound formative instructional practices. Teachers learn how to:

  • Establish clear learning targets for students;
  • Collect and document accurate evidence of student learning;
  • Provide effective feedback; and
  • Prepare students to engage in self-assessment, peer feedback, and goal setting.
In addition, a learning path for school leaders and instructional coaches provide the background and support needed for school-level study and implementation.

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BFK∙Connect® Framework Online Learning Modules

Battelle for Kids has studied the practices of highly effective teachers and principals across the country who have a proven history of producing significant student gains to better understand the characteristics, attitudes, and behaviors that lead to their students’ high academic progress. This series of online courses, based on these findings, provide the foundation for thinking and talking about improving educator effectiveness. Participants have the opportunity to:
  • Reflect on their personal practice
  • Recognize instructional strengths
  • Identify areas for improvement
Educators can select the BFK∙Connect® Teaching & Learning Pathway for teachers who provide direct instruction to students or the BFK∙Connect® Leading & Learning Pathway targeted at leaders, including teacher leaders, principals, and administrators.

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Human Capital

Using research and lessons learned from our work with education organizations across the country, Battelle for Kids has developed a free, role-based online module for teachers, principals, and central-office employees that explores the essential components of a comprehensive human capital strategy in education.

  • Discover the essential components of a comprehensive human capital system and how they work together to improve educator effectiveness and drive continuous improvement of all employees and processes in a school or district
  • Watch video testimonials about the link between comprehensive human capital and educational improvement
  • Reflect on various human capital decisions through interactive scenarios and activities personalized for teachers, principals, and central-office staff
  • Explore articles and Web links to learn more about comprehensive human capital in education
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Performance Management

Build a foundational understanding around performance management—how it works, who it helps, and how to use data to drive continuous improvement across all departments and roles within a school district. These courses explore how the right combination of measures can be used to diagnose inefficiencies, make connections between systems, and inform improvements, while demonstrating how every role in a district impacts student growth.

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Strategic Compensation

A series of six online courses design to help teachers and administrators deepen their understanding of strategic compensation, including:

  • The history of educator compensation practices in the U.S. and what motivates individual behavior;
  • The components that make up a compensation program;
  • How to use data appropriately and incorporate multiple measures into a compensation model; and
  • How to design and implement a strategic compensation model that is tied to a district-wide improvement framework using collaborative teams, professional development, communications and change management, technology solutions, and more.
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Value-Added Analysis

A series of online courses designed to build educators’ capacity to understand and use value-added information to improve instruction and student learning. The courses explore:

  • The fundamentals of value-added analysis and basic value-added concepts;
  • How to access and interpret value-added reports; and
  • How to use the information as a diagnostic school improvement tool.
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